Monday, February 8, 2010

Did I even NEED to know this?

Here's something you should know...I love my husband. My beer drinking, Copenhagen dipping, Wrangler wearing, hunk of a husband. He's a no filter between the brain and the mouth, tell it like it is kind of guy. See below...

Here's another thing I closet. It's where I keep my treasures, things that I can't bear to part with and basically all my goodies.

Another view. Did I mention I love this place? Thought so...

I can't wait for my munchkins to fall asleep just so I can high tail it to my bathroom for a nice long soak with a good book.

Anyhoo, back to the story...
David gets out of the shower the other day and walks into the kitchen. It goes a little something like this~~~~
David: Hey, I wasn't going to tell you this but there was an old lady in your closet.
Me: Explain what you mean by "old lady."
David: Well, I was shaving and I smelled old lady perfume...looked up and she was
peeking around the door at me. I waved to her and she faded away.
Me: What did she look like?
David: She looked like an old lady with her hair pulled back in a bun. You know, an old lady.
Me: Jesus Jenny, was there some special reason you just HAD to tell me this.

Understand this. I LOVE paranormal shows~~~rewind that~~~I LOVED paranormal shows. David has endured this for the longest. He's always said "it's a crock." This is what made his "sighting" even worse.
I now run in and run out. I make my kids sit on the bed with their backs to me while I take a quick bath. They hate their life...that's pretty much a given right now.
By the way, in my mind she looks like this...

Oh yeah, this is where you'll find me. The half bath. I love it more and more.

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Laura Irrgang said...

That is creepier than nobody's business.

I want those shoes in the lower right hand corner of the closet so bad that if we wore the same size I would put them on if I visited and just walk out the door with them. I'd leave you my less glamorous shoes, though. Hey---free less glamorous shoes!

Your husband sounds MANLY! Nothing better than a manly man. Except maybe a manly man who cooks and will rub your feet.

I am sooooo nosy---I love looking in other people's closets.