Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Could she BE any cuter?

Sadie LaRue - Merry Christmas to me!!!

Does she even understand the hard life that's ahead of her? Loves, hugs, kisses...the hardest part may be trying to be the star in your own photo shoot.

*Sigh*...oh it's going to be hard indeed...

Um, excuse me, what's going on in here? Who's the furball? No one told me I was going to have to share. Okay kid, let's start by laying down a few ground rules...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Favorite Memories

Trying to come up with a blog name. What will it be? What will it be about? I searched the dark little corners of my mind and came up with a name. Play Pretties. Some of my favorite memories are of my Grandmother and getting off of the school bus everyday at her house. She would say "walk to the store and get you a play pretty, tell them to put it on the book." That means "bill me" in small town talk. I miss my play pretties and I miss my Grandmother.

What will the blog be about? Me.

Who am I? A small-town girl in Stepford Hell.