Thursday, February 18, 2010

Being The Good Mom That I Am

Noah's Valentine's party was cancelled...snow day. Yes, it happens, even here in Texas. He was pretty bummed to find out he couldn't hand out his completely awesome X-Men cards that he had hand picked. Being the good mom that I am, I let him have them to play with.

Got to school on Monday. Valentine's party is back on and rescheduled for Friday. Yaaay. I'm so excited. This is great! You're going to have so much.......Wait. We don't have any completely awesome X-Men cards to hand out. Crap.

That's okay. Being the good mom that I am, I'll just run to Target and get some more on CLEARANCE!!!!!!

Nope. It's been picked clean. If the boy has to hand out Bratz Valentine's Day cards, he'll never be able to show his face in pre-school again.

Plan B....
Being the good mom that I am...we'll make our own!!!!! We meaning me.

Being the good mom that I am...I now have crayons forever under my fingernails.

But these kick X-Men butt any day of the week.

Now we just have to slap them on some cardstock with a little saying and voila...... we can walk in there with our heads held know, being the completely awesome kick butt mom that I am....

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