Friday, January 22, 2010

It's quiet...too quiet.

Kids are in school and it's quiet time....aaaaaah, the quiet. I love the quiet.
Wait. I should hear a squeaky voice talking to his Spiderman.
Where is that voice?

Uh oh...
It's a muffin-sicle

...with jelly of course...

Love that Munchkin.

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rhinestonearmadillo said...

Holy Guacamole that kid is cute!

I really like your globes, too. I thought that if I'd had a little boy instead of a girl, I might do a whole theme room. Use huge maps of the moon or the world for wallpaper, and hang tons of globes from the a whole solar system of globes. Then intersperse that with rocket ships and pteradactyls and whatnot. Wouldn't that be fun?