Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Life in the Slow Lane

So I've always been fascinated by cicadas. The whole 17 year life cycle thingie completely enthralls me. I can walk around for days and collect the skins...call me weird...it's okay.

While spending some time at my parent's house this summer, I started picking them up. Before I knew it, I had a bowl full of critter skins. There had to be something I could do with them. Soooooo, we had a photo shoot.

I know, I know...freakazoid. Can you imagine the Hobby Lobby people when I go to get them matted and framed?


rhinestonearmadillo said...

Oh, YAY!!!! You have a BLOG!!!! I'm so excited.

I love cicadas, TOOO!!!! I have a ridiculously huge apothecary jar full of them. I LOVE the 'action cicada' shots. Genius.

Oh BOY!!! I look forward to this. You're going to have a great blog. I can just FEEL it.

Laura Irrgang said...

More, already.

Laura Irrgang said...

MORE. Did I mention 'more'?
Tell us about your ghost!!!!!

Play Pretties said...

Oooh yeah. I'll get on that one.