Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our Redneck Vacation

Wimberley, Texas

We do this every year with neighbors 
and new and old friends.  
This summer we
had an especially big group.
Great food...
Great music...
Great company...
14 Adults...
18 Kids...
and not nearly enough alcohol...

Orange juice and vodka...yaaaay me!

I'm pretty sure that beat up cowboy hats are required on the river.  
This was its 4th year.  
Sadly, it didn't make it through the chutes.  
RIP cheesy, white trash cowboy hat.

The grandboy, Carter.
He was so tired afterwards...
in zombie mode.

There's a rope swing where the kids spent the
majority of their time.

This kiddo isn't mine.  Thank God.
I would've been having a mild heart attack.
I'm pretty sure that my kids did this too but
I'm going to pretend that they stayed by the 
water's edge...wearing their floaties.

These little beasts DO belong to me. 
Where are their floaties?!?!

We had a great usual.
It did rain the majority of the week but we've always
had good weather so it's hard to complain
too much.  
Good times...good times...


Laura Irrgang said...

That is a LOT of kids. Methinks that might not count as a 'relaxing vacation'. The water looks great, though. And I'm always losing things on river trips. Why do I ever bother? At least you kept your bathing suit.

Little Cottage on the Pond said...

I love that area! So glad to meet a fellow Texan :)